BREAKING NEWS: Shannon Pearce's Devastating Loss of 4 Horses and Evidence of Illegal Actions and Corruption by Payette Chief of Police Mark Clark

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"On July 25, 2018, Officer Lois Silva contacted ISDA to request animal care assistance in evaluating the care and condition of Shannon Pearce’s livestock…
Four (4) adult horses were observed in the north pasture on Center Road. The four horses were in good body condition and appeared to be receiving enough food to maintain an average body condition (on a scale of 1 to 9 with one being emaciated and nine being obese) of 6/9. Four hay bales were observed along the outside of the fence line along Center Road. No water source was visible from the road, however a satellite image of the facility revealed a water tank on the backside of the home that was available to livestock in that pasture.
The officers then drove to another pasture along Payette Heights Road known to be used by Mr. Pearce. Upon arrival at approximately 9900 Payette Heights Road, Mr. Pearce was observed to be actively loading horses onto a trailer. The officers identified themselves to Mr. Pearce and informed him they had requested a veterinarian from ISDA evaluate his horses. Mr. Pearce granted permission to examine and photograph his horses. Mr. Pearce identified a five year old red roan mare in the group as the horse that survived the incident in July where alleged water deprivation killed four (4) other horses. The mare appeared to be in good condition and alert with a BCS of 5/9. All of the other seventeen horses in the group, including three (3) foals were in good body condition as well.
Mr. Pearce stated that he was relocating the eighteen (18) horses in the pasture on the east side of the road to another pasture in the county. He claimed the grass available for forage on the current pastures on Payette Heights Road and Center Road had run out earlier than expected, so he was moving the horses to a location that had forage available for grazing and running water available at all times. Mr. Pearce was advised to contact ISDA or Payette police if he had any questions or concerns regarding the care of his horses. The investigation in Payette County concluded 2:50pm time. No further investigation is necessary at this time for Mr. Pearce’s horses in Payette County.
A cursory investigation of a large group of horses was then conducted in Washington County on a pasture Mr. Pearce leases outside of Weiser, ID. Over seventy-five (75) horses were present on the pasture. All appeared to be in good health with a BCS between 4/9 – 6/9. A running creek in the center of the pasture provided water for the herd. Forage was available for grazing throughout the pasture. All horses on the Washington County pasture leased by Mr. Pearce appeared to be receiving appropriate care. No further investigation is necessary at this time.

Scott Leibsle, DVM
Idaho State Department of Agriculture

"In this case, the Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction because the State failed to comply with a mandatory prerequisite under statute before bringing animal cruelty charges against the defendant. IC § 25-350A(3) contains a strict “enforcement restriction:”

In cases where production animals are subject to a violation of section 25-3504, 25-3505 or 25-3511, Idaho Code, law enforcement agencies and animal care and control agencies shall not:

(a) Enforce section 25-3504, 25-3505 or 25-3511, Idaho Code, without first obtaining an inspection and written determination from a department investigator that a violation of one (1) or more of the sections has occurred or is occurring; or

(b) Take a production animal from a production animal facility, pasture, or rangeland for a violation of section 25-3504, 25-3505 or 25-3511, Idaho Code, without first obtaining an inspection and written determination from a department investigator that such action is in the best interest of the animal.
IC § 25-3502 defines “production animal” and “department investigator as follows”

(14) "Production animal" means, for purposes of this chapter:

(a) The following animals if used for the purpose of producing food or fiber, or other commercial activity, in furtherance of the production of food or fiber, or other commercial activity, or to be sold for the use by another for such purpose: cattle, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, ratites, equines, domestic cervidae, camelidae, and guard and stock dogs; and
(7) "Department investigator" means a person employed by, or approved by, the Idaho state department of agriculture, division of animal industries, to determine whether there has been a violation of this chapter.

There is no dispute in this case that the horses or “equines” that are subject in this case were being maintained for a commercial purpose by the defendant, and therefore were a “production animal” subject to the enforcement restrictions of the statute.
Yet, the State law enforcement officers did not obtain a “determination from a department investigator that a violation of one (1) or more of the (animal cruelty) sections” had occurred before pursuing charges against the defendant. In fact, the opposite is true. At the request of law enforcement, investigators from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture Animal Industries Division did conduct an investigation of several of the Defendant’s horses and properties and found no violations of the statute.
In fact, the department report states “case closed.” Because this basic requirement was not met, the State should have never brought charges against the Defendant, and the Court therefore lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear the charges. In that the State brought charges knowing that the Department had cleared the Defendant of any violations, the action likely rises to the level of prosecutorial misconduct.
Finally, the Court has no jurisdiction to order the taking or removal of any of the Defendant’s horses because again there is no “inspection and written determination from a department investigator that such action is in the best interest of the animal.” IC § 25-350A(3)(b). Simply put, the Court should vacate the conviction and dismiss the case."

Nathan M. Olsen
Motion to Vacate Conviction and Dismiss Action for Lack of Jurisdiction, filed February 14, 2020

"Although I have neither first-hand knowledge of the incident nor access to the legal proceedings, my past experiences with Shannon lead me to believe there is more to this story than may be apparent, so I would like to submit some brief illustrations of the Shannon I have known for more than 40 years.

When my cattle ranch was much larger, I needed two more well-trained horses. I called Shannon, not just because he is a dear friend, but also because he earns his living by breeding, training and selling livestock horses. He told me he was going to attend the Lolly Brothers Auction in Macon, Missouri the next week and was confident he would find exactly what I needed. He exceeded all my expectations. From a field of more than 2000 animals, and a very reasonable price, he obtained for me a Missouri Fox Trotter and a Tennessee Walker. They turned out to be the two best horses I’ve ever owned.

Shannon is nationally known and respected, not just for the outstanding quality of his horses and their training, but also for his encyclopedia knowledge and genealogy of the various breeds. He is acknowledged to have excellent “horse-trading” skills at the many auctions he attends as a buyer and as a seller. His love for and dedication to these superb animals is only surpassed by his love for his family.

Shannon’s son, Logan, emulating his father, has developed a strong work ethic and takes pride in jobs well done. Logan worked for me on my ranch near Flagstaff for a summer. In fact, he was such a fine worker I had a hard time holding onto him because my neighbors kept “borrowing” him to help with their own needs. Logan’s competence and compassion are the direct result of his upbringing and I am confident Shannon’s grandchildren will inherit the very same legacy.

These examples stand in stark contrast to the accusation of causing the death of four horses. I find it hard to believe that his neighbors, knowing the family was dealing with the suicide and loss of a family member, would not haul water to fill the water trough if they saw the animals in distress. I attended Alex’s funeral and at no time did anyone ever express concern that anything was amiss with the horses.

The Shannon Pearce I know would never intentionally jeopardize any of his animals or his family."

Roger M. Esplin
Flagstaff, Arizona

"The horses appear to have died on or nearly on the same day as our son's funeral which was Saturday July 14, 2018. Our son Alex took his life on Thursday July 5. Although he suffered from progressive clinical depression for 10 years and became more and more reclusive, our entire extended family was shocked to the core. We have not had any case of suicide in the extended family previous to Alex'.

So at the same time that we were all grieving and preparing for the funeral, somehow the horse trough went dry and Shannon's horses thirsted to death. What a painful loss for such a hardworking father.

Shannon has always been kind to us. When we first visited Idaho, over 30 years ago, he took us to a lake to swim and for a picnic lunch. Because of this experience we decided to move. This began a migration and now for many years several of our Washburn related families live in southwest Idaho. Alex was especially close to Shan's son Logan, but loved all of the Pearces and was loved by them.

Since Alex' death we have been grateful to so many people who have shown charity towards us by kind words and acts. Some others, unfamiliar with depression and suicide, have not been able to look us in the face, but turn away when they see us. A wise man who visited us soon after Alex' death told us that now that we have been through this experience we will be able to help many others who suffer like we have. I am not offended by others who may misjudge us, but am sorry that they carry this burden.

I pray that you will consider 2 scriptures.

Romans 12:19
..."Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord."
1 Corinthians 13:8
Charity never faileth …"

Rich Washburn
Nampa, Idaho

"I am writing on behalf of my brother, Shannon Pearce. It has been painful to me to watch him go through this unpleasant ordeal. I believe that to some extent he has become one of the victims of this unfortunate story. Shannon is my younger brother, and I have associated with him his entire life. I am a veterinarian, and have watched him develop his horse herd and care for and train these animals since he was just a boy. We have spent many many hours talking about his horses and his ambitions and expectations for these animals. If there was one thing that was remarkably clear to everyone about Shannon at a very young age, it was, that he loved horses. He has devoted his life to the breeding, training and development of his horses. I know that the unfortunate loss of the horses associated with this case was a painful experience for him. It seems that many factors came together simultaneously to bring about this sad event and though very unfortunate, I believe it was primarily accidental. Knowing Shannon as I do, I believe he would have done anything to save these animals, had he known their watersupply had been compromised. He loved these horses."

Parley A. Pearce, DVM
Walla Walla, Washington

"Shannon Pearce is my father. Horses are our life. I grew up riding and training colts with my dad. He has always been fair and gentle to his livestock. He taught me how to train. One of the most important things he would tell me is to always be fair to the horse and they will learn better. He has always been fair and thus has been able to fix problem horses that other trainers could not. He is a very good horseman and loves his livestock. He is out in the weather, rain or shine, taking care of his horses. We have leased that pasture for years and our water system has always worked until someone else messed with the hose. It was not because we did something different that those horses died. It is because someone else messed with the water supply. My dad is a very good horseman and a very good person and it is our loss."

Wyatt Pearce Smith
Oreana, Idaho

"The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office is urging livestock producers to check on their herds’ water tanks. Lt. Sterrin Holcomb reports that several producers have reported that people have damaged their watering systems. “We’ve received multiple reports from cattle growers, primarily in the Highway 204-Weston area, of floats being taken off water tanks and/or valves being turned off,” Holcomb said. The apparent acts of vandalism have had tragic results. “Unfortunately, this has resulted in livestock being found dead or in really bad shape due to lack of water during this heat,” Holcomb said. “Owners having livestock are urged to check their water sources immediately and regularly.”Oregon State Police also responded to a similar report over the weekend in which several cows were dead. In addition to alerting the ranchers to check their animals, Holcomb urges rural residents to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior."

"Suspected Vandalism is Killing Cattle," article posted July 8, 2018
My Columbia Basin

"It has been quite a witch hunt after Shannon in the community. He spoke out and pissed off some people here and they went after him with vengeance. That's why they shut the water off to his horses and then went on face book telling people how his horses died and what a bad person he was, which caught the attention of so many people. I was harassed for over 30 days because we had some of his horses on our property. I do not see how he could have a fair trial here because of so much BS and rumor in the community.
I have watched this man taking care of his horses. I have seen him out with his horses at all hours of the day and night for over 10 years. I have seen him walk miles to check the horse's water countless times. He has always responded to a concern about the horses after being called.
Animal cruelty? Not Shannon! You got the wrong person. He did not shut the water off!"

James E. Carver
Payette, Idaho

"I am writing you on behalf of Shannon Pearce. I cannot believe the community is harassing a man who has lost his animals. We have known him since 2008. The way he cares and provides for his animals is amazing. It's so sad we have allowed the murder of his animals to be placed on his shoulders, defaming his brand on face book.
Shannon loves his horses. The community has taken one man's heartache and pain and attacked him for it. Please understand there is no plausible way he is guilty."

Brandy Oeleis
Payette, Idaho

"I have known Shannon Pearce for 5 years and have bought 10 or more of his horses. I go out and walk through his horses with him. He can walk through and scratch his horses from weanlings to old and that by itself tells you that he treats his horses very well. Shannon is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met about horses. He knows training, healing and pedigrees. Shannon goes out of his way to treat his horses better than most people, and all the time keeping the horses integrity. Shannon is the only breeder left in the nation breeding the blood lines he does. He is keeping alive this blood line that otherwise would be lost if it wasn't for his breeding program.
I, too, am a horse breeder and trainer and have been around livestock since I could walk. I cowboyed for a wage for more than 25 years and have been breeding for the last 20 years. I have gone over to Shannon's place to learn some of his training methods, spending hours over several days. All his methods are very humane. He makes sure that the horses are never going to get hurt. I have worked on ranches and we did not get to check water every day. I know there were times water did not get checked for 3 weeks. If you have a water system that you trust and is working, you can get other work done.
So does that make every rancher, cowboy and animal owner cruel to his animals if they trust their water system? How can the legal system find Shannon guilty when the water had to be shut off and then siphoned to make the trough empty.
I set through the trial and listened to what was said by the people who were testifying and what was said did not add up to Shannon being guilty, but to a lot of questions. I personally feel that the person responsible for the horses being out of water was a witness for the prosecution by his own testimony."

Dave D. Dyer
Parma, Idaho

""Today Americans are ruled by propaganda. Americans have little regard for truth, little access to it, and little ability to recognize it. Truth is an unwelcome entity. It is disturbing. It is off limits. Those who seek it run the risk of being branded anti-American, anti-Semitic, or conspiracy theorists. Truth is an inconvenience for government and for the interest groups whose campaign contributions control government. Truth is an inconvenience for prosecutors who want convictions, not the discovery of innocence or guilt. Wherever money is insufficient to bury the truth, ignorance, propaganda, and short memories finish the job."
Paul Craig Roberts

Your lawyer needn't pat himself on the back for winning the case. He did not win it. The system won it for him. The media, society, government, and the school system had all taught the jurors how to think before they ever got to the courtroom. The government never makes an unjust law without putting out the propaganda to tell everyone how to think about that particular issue. Even Pearce's lawyer was on your side. He did nothing to help Pearce. He only hurt him. My personal opinion is that those 2 lawyers decided before the trial started how it had to go and what the end result would be. Your lawyer was dirty in trying to make people into liars when they had just sworn to tell the truth. Pearce's lawyer was dirty in taking his money and doing nothing for him.
I think the whole trial should have centered around who took the hose out of the trough, but that subject was never touched, not even by Pearce's damn attorney. No one seemed to want to get at the truth. They only wanted a conviction, not the discovery of innocence or guilt. If you had lived in the Old West days, you would have been the mob that lynched a man and hung him before the truth could be found out. I know you had a trial, but it was a charade, a farce, a play. It certainly was not justice. There is no justice in America anymore. All you do in the system is push your Agenda 21.
Pearce was the last person in this whole world that wanted those horses dead. If someone else had not interfered with his watering system, the horses would still be alive. You are making him pay for someone else's mistake.
If you and the lawyers had to swear allegiance to the constitution when you took your jobs, you have done much worse than Pearce. The original constitution does not uphold such laws as this that allows you to try Pearce like you have. The constitution was formed to protect men in their rights from enemies both foreign and domestic. Do you know who the domestic enemies are? The government. If the constitution were upheld in this country, Pearce never would have been tried or convicted. It is only when government far oversteps their bounds that they break the constitution and make laws against the constitution.
There was no innocence until proven guilty in that courtroom because of the propaganda the jurors had been fed. There was no lawyer to represent Pearce in that courtroom because Pearce's lawyer was on the side of the state.
One wonders at the justice of a system that allows a Payette policeman on drugs to kill a man and get off free, but punishes another man whose animals die because someone else removed the watering system. No matter how much the government propagandizes, I will never believe an animal's life is worth more than a man's life.
To take a man's property, or money, or time because his horses died when someone else messed with the watering system is criminal. To make laws that allow this is also criminal and against the constitution. One must swear allegiance to the constitution or to the animal rights laws. You cannot have it both ways because they are diametrically opposed to each other.
Pearce was the only one who was hurt when those horses died, but the government wants to hurt him again, not because they really care about animals, but because they want to control. Your Agenda 21 wants to take animals away from the people so that government can control the people more. The government will ultimately never be satisfied until they take ALL the people's money and ALL the people's property ALL the time, for total control.
This was not criminal neglect. It was not criminal because you allowed Pearce to walk out of that courtroom just like everyone else. You would not have let a criminal do that. It was not even neglect because Pearce had watered and checked those horses for all of their lives and there had never been a problem until someone else messed with the watering system."

Katie Pearce
Payette, Idaho

"This letter is in regards to my experience with Shannon Pearce whom I have known for some 10-12 years and have had the pleasure of buying horses from; and he has trained a couple for me. He is a good horseman. I have seen him caring for, feeding, and training them. I have never seen him mistreat any animals, it is not in his character!!!! I know him as an honest hard working man who loves his job--raising and caring for animals and the land they graze on. It is his passion and way of life!!!! He would never deliberately mistreat any animal or persons; he is a good honest man who raises animals for a living. I stand by him as a good person who would always be the best he can be--hard working, honest, and a good care taker of the land and the animals."

Wendy Jaekel
Goldendale, Washington

"I am Shannon Pearce's second son. You may think that makes me a biased witness. But I can Honestly tell you from thirty plus years of first hand experience that my dad will do whatever it takes to care for his horses. To him they are not livestock that he makes a living off of. They are his family, he knows them all by name. He can walk through a herd and tell you all about each one and their parents for many generations. He taught me how to train horses from an early age. I have yet to find a more humane training method. Shannon's training method makes the horse your lifetime friend."

Logan Pearce
Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Shannon Pearce from New Plymouth has been purchasing alfalfa hay from us for the last few years. He insists on only feeding his animals non-roundup ready hay. In this day and age, non roundup hay is getting harder each year to purchase and generally buyers end up paying a little more money to get it. To us it seems that Shannon cares very much for the health of his animals simply because he is our only customer of many that will not purchase any genetically modified crops. I can’t say that genetically modified crops do harm animals in any way, but many people are against these modified crops, and so Shannon puts the extra effort into insuring his customers that his animals are fed without genetically modified crops. He has been a good customer to us and we hope to keep the relationship going."

Kelsey Calley
Living4M Ranch Weiser, Idaho

"Our horse program started in 1980 raising horses for our own ranches and for the public. Before this we bought horses to use and re-sell. We have known Mr. Pearce since 2000, with the first horses purchased from Mr. Pearce being two fillies in the fall of 2001. These were Star Leo Woodcock and WD Strawberry Jody. Since those first two colts, we have brought home more than forty other horses that Mr. Pearce bred and raised. The latest horses being three fillies we brought home this past fall, a weanling, a two year old and a three year old.
After all these years and all the horses we have gotten from the Colt 45 Ranch, we still plan to go back and bring home a few more in the coming years. The two biggest reasons for the continued success with Mr. Pearce’s horses boil down to two main reasons. First, the quality of horses Mr. Pearce raises, and secondly the knowledge Mr. Pearce has for horses, not just his horses but for all horses. After fifty plus years of being around horses and the people involved with horses, whether that may be selling, buying, or sharing stories, Shannon Pearce is one of the smartest horseman there is. Anyone who would spend a pick-up ride with Mr. Pearce looking at horses would soon come to the same conclusion as well. Every horse from the Colt 45 Ranch has been healthy upon purchase and was exactly what Mr. Pearce said they would be. In our breeding program today over half of our broodmares and stallions are influenced by Mr. Pearce’s breeding program. We will see this percentage increasing even more in the years to come.
We could spend all day laying out examples of Mr. Pearce’s knowledge on the subject of horses and the quality of his herd, however, we will leave you with one more thought. It is written in John, Chapter 8, verse 7, “Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” This verse can be interpreted in many ways, one being that we all have had a struggle or a misfortune in this life, but it would be a shame if that is all we were to be judged on by others."

Nels and Adam DeBruycker
DeBruycker Quarter Horses, Choteau, Montana

"As Shannon Pearce’s eldest daughter, I write to illustrate his steady and consistent character both professionally and personally. I have had innumerable opportunities to observe him for the last 37 years. Some of my very earliest memories are of going with him to feed our horses. He taught me by his consistent example that the animals always came first and must be carefully cared for. In every conceivable type of Idaho weather, he feeds, waters, and attends to any other need the animals have—expected or unexpected. When power outages occurred or storms were severe, he would haul water by hand—bucket after bucket until the horses had enough and to spare. Never did an animal wait until morning or until it was convenient. When something unexpected occurs, he gets up in the middle of the night and with a patience that I have yet to see another man demonstrate, cares for the horses. Through the years, I have watched him grieve many times as old age claimed beloved animal companions. He would tenderly feed them by hand and take every thought for their care—calling for the vet to float their teeth or do anything else possible to increase their comfort. If I had horses that I needed to leave in the care of someone else, he would always be my first choice.

Because he has devoted his life to raising and training quality horses, I have traveled thousands of miles with him as we visited some of the oldest and most prestigious horse ranches and facilities in the United States. He has learned from the best trainers and ranchers. He has decades and decades of experience in all aspects of horse care. He is a professional in every sense of the word.

In addition to his deep-seated experience and professionalism, I can also vouch for him from a personal standpoint. A man may fake it in public and have others think that he is something that he is not, but the true testing ground of character is the home. At home, sooner or later, a person’s real character is revealed to his children and wife. Shannon Pearce is patient, kind, and thorough. As a father, he never lost his temper; I am sure that there were many times that he was extremely frustrated by me or one of my siblings. However, he never expressed that frustration to us, but instead would patiently teach us to do better. Whether he was teaching us to throw and catch a ball or to ride a horse, he was always kind and patient. Honestly, I cannot think a higher recommendation a person could have than that he was consistently good to his children. By extension, a man who is that good to his children will also be a good guardian to animals because his character demands it of him. He is consistent."

Amelia Pearce Goodsell
West Lafayette, Indiana

"Shannon Pearce understands and knows foundation Quarter Horse pedigrees and breeding like no other. He has owned or been around the great horses that have built today’s successful breeding programs. Shannon’s livelihood has come from owning, raising, breeding, and selling horses. He has invested a lifetime devoted to raising and caring for his horses. This is not an easy endeavor and not many individuals can do this as their sole source of income and survive. Shannon is recognized and respected by his horse knowledge at many reputable outfits across the nation."

Jeff Knight
Wells, Nevada

"I have known Shannon for a number of years and have been to his property to look at his horses and have found them to be well taken care of. I have purchased several horses from him and plan to do so in the future. I know him to be an honest and upright person. It is my opinion that he would never intentionally cause harm or discomfort to any of his animals. You only need to talk to him about them for a few minutes to know that he is very concerned about them and knows each one of them extremely well.
I have animals of my own and at times have them pastured in different places at one time. When I know that their needs are being met it is not always feasible to get to them every day to check them. It would be impossible to know that someone else either inadvertently or otherwise turned off the water supply to them when to my knowledge they had all they needed."

Ben Lanier
Southwest Colorado

"I am sending this letter in regards to the case of Shannon Pearce. We wish to support him in this case and testify to his high character and devotion to his animals for as long as we have known him.

My wife, Robyn, and her family have bred and raised horses in eastern Idaho for generations. He is well known in the local professional horse circles and his knowledge of horses specifically is extreme and above reproach. We find know him to be a man of high integrity and has always treated his stock with great care."

Eric Eastin and Robyn Howard Eastin
Rexburg, Idaho

"Shannon Pearce is a professional horse breeder and trainer. He cares for his horses more than anybody. He knows more about horses, and the proper care of horses than most people in the livestock business, and in the horse business. He has always been very caring for his horses. Nobody loves them more than he does. Shannon Pearce is the victim in this instance concerning the horses that died. He is the one that lost thousands of dollars worth of horses, and horses that he cared for and loved. Shannon is an honest and hard working man. I have been around Shannon's horses all my life. His animals are always well cared for and always treated extremely well. I have seen him work and train horses on numerous occasions and he is always professional. You would be hard pressed to find somebody that is a better person than Shannon."

Jacob Pearce
New Plymouth, Idaho

"I am writing in an attempt to speak for the character for Shannon Pearce. I have known him my whole life. I spent my entire childhood and young adult years very near him and his family. I have since moved away but I can still speak to his personality and character of a lifetime of interacting with him on a personal level. Never once did I see him or hear him raise his voice or act unkindly towards his family or neighbors. I have always known him to be pleasant and kindhearted. I have always found him to be truthful and honest. He is a sincere and caring person and I find it completely outside of his personality to intentionally starve or withhold water from his horses. Not being familiar with the case as I would like, I cannot speak to any other point. But I do believe their must be some other explanation for what happened because of what I know about him as a person."

Chase Burk
Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Since I was young, I have known Shannon Pearce, the strength of his character, and the love he has for horses.

Some of my earliest memories of Shannon were him taking around children for rides in his pony cart. The kids all loved him and his horses! As a horse lover who was never able to have a horse of my own, I took careful note of the things Shannon did to take care of his horses, the way he treated them, and the things he said about them. He was always kind toward the horses and treated them like friends.

Another experience with Shannon was when he sold a horse to a close friend. He named it O' Bae. I was a well loved horse before it was sold and he sold it to someone who was sure to take care of the horse and give it the space and supplies that it needed. I recall him coming back several years later to visit that horse.

I am certain beyond doubt that Shannon would not willfully abuse his horses or deprive them of necessary commodities. I know his love for horses and his strength of character: there is no room to even consider he would be the cause of death to any of his horses."

Rebecca Daley
Orem, Utah

"I have known Shannon to be an honest, compassionate, caring person both with people and animals. He is very diligent and would never let anything bad happen that he could prevent. My son John thought very highly of Shannon and his ability with horses. He had Shannon's phone number thumbtacked to his wall for quick advice. Overall, Shannon Pearce is a man of very good character and that needs to be known."

Mona Cushman
New Plymouth, Idaho

"It is with great honor that I get to speak on behalf of such an upstanding horseman, rancher, family man, and most of all, in this case, friend of the horse. My heart is heavy for the circumstances which I have been called upon to write words on paper for a situation that is completely unfathomable. I do not say that lightly; when we live in a world where a man of Mr. Pearce's nature and reputation be prosecuted for a crime that is completely opposite of what any man that relied on horses for a living be charged with, it is not a comfortable feeling for any rancher, horseman or livestock hobbyist.
I have had the utmost privilege and honor of knowing Shannon for well over 20 years. My first interaction with him was when we picked up a young gelding, Stainless Steel Pistol 045 in 1999. From that first meeting bloomed a friendship made through the equine industry in which Shannon has had a great influence in for decades. That first grey horse led to the purchase of more from him, which allowed us to get to know each other quite well. It also allowed me to view how he took care of the very animals that has allowed him to provide for his family. That is why writing this letter to defend a man's livelihood seems quite surreal. I feel I know Shannon well enough to vouch for the nature in which he cares for his horses; prosecution of this man is overzealous at best and absolutely absurd at worst.
Those of us who rely on our horses in everyday work to the sales that put food on our tables do not take their care lightly. In the world of the horseman, the quality of care is spelled out in the word. The horse comes before the man. We believe a higher power has put us in charge of their care and we do not take that lightly. Our days start and end with the care of the horses that are not just animals or some classification as "livestock" to us. They become family. They are our unspeaking friends that rely on us to care for them just as much as we rely on them not to hurt us. Shannon Pearce is a horseman in the truest sense of the word. Saying that, I have taken the time to watch the many news reports online and have read the articles in your local news outlets and social media. I have thought from day one that any sort of prosecution would be absolutely egregious; it seems that the charges against Mr. Pearce are nothing short of being bred from pressure onto law enforcement from animal groups and those neighbors that were all too eager to get their 15 minutes of fame.
Typically, I tend to be on the side of law enforcement. However, they could not have got things more wrong in this case. It is unfortunate that they have been heavily influenced by individuals in your community that typically do more harm than good in cases like this. Animal welfare groups have changed the general climate in which ranchers, horseman, and livestock owners live in today. It goes against all logic to think for a second that one who relies on their animals to put food on their table would go to the extremes in which Shannon has been sadly convicted of.
Shannon Pearce is an outstanding human and as I stated above, a horseman and a friend to the horse. He is worthy of freedom of these charges from which he has been prosecuted."

Steve Mosser
Buffalo, Wyoming

"I have owned as many Colt 45 Ranch horses as anyone. From breeding stallions and mares to weanlings. I can testify to the quality, health, and soundness of these horses. As a full time farrier, trainer, and breeder, I see a lot of different horses in varied situations. The Colt .45 Ranch horses have raised the bar and set the standard. Shannon is always the first person I go to when I’m looking for breeding stock or prospects. I have spent many hours in personal conversation with Shannon. He has welcomed my family into his home to stay the night. On one occasion while staying in his home it happened to be my youngest son’s birthday and he made him a birthday cake from scratch and celebrated with us. On a personal level, I have not only experienced Shannon’s kindness and charity first hand, but have witnessed the same thoughtfulness to everyone else. By nature, Shannon is a generous and kind individual. These character traits flow into other areas of his life.
Shannon knows his horses like a good shepherd knows his flock. I have first hand knowledge of this, as I have assisted him in feeding and watering them. He monitors his horses closely. He knows them individually. I have sought his expertise for seasonal feeding regimens, wound care, breeding and foaling arrangements, and training.
I know the horses that were lost and I know their value. I have owned offspring from some of the horses that were lost. It is absolutely absurd to think that Shannon would knowingly allow harm to come to them and sabotage his life and livelihood. It defies all rational thinking. Shannon is the victim in this situation. With the loss of some of his prized horses (stallion and mares), Shannon has suffered physically, emotionally, and financially.
It is tragic that there has not been more focus on those who trespassed and tampered with the watering system that summer. Instead...the charges and conviction brought against Shannon appear to be nothing but a “conspiratorial lynching” of a good, honest man by those with a vendetta to ruin him. It is unlawful and unconstitutional."

Collin Mack
Mack Quarter Horses, Pleasant View, Colorado

"I’m a registered Angus cattle breeder doing business in Payette and Washington County Idaho selling purebred Angus seed stock throughout the western United States. The last 20 plus years I have known, been involved with and owned many horses Shannon Pearce has bred, raised and trained. I have rented him pasture, sold him hay, hauled hundreds of his horses hundreds of miles, helped him nurse injured horses back to health, given him use of a paddock for the winter for an approaching 30 year old mare and colt to protect them because of value and unique rare bloodline. Shannon has helped me train unruly horses that were not his breeding and taught me the importance of breeding in trainability. The wildest of my horses Shannon taught me to train with trust and a calm hand.
I have been involved with Shannon’s operation intimately for many many years and if anyone would have the opportunity to observe any neglect or abuse I could have witnessed such an act. The fact is there has been no abuse or neglect, it has been quite the opposite. I have watched him baby 30+ year old animals until they pass away. He gives them the opportunity to die where they were raised and raise or sire many of their own progeny. I have witnessed hundreds of times when he has made extraordinary efforts to be a good steward to his herd.
Shannon Pearce makes his living solely on raising the last of many bloodlines left in the world. If an adverse judgment limiting his ability to raise these extremely rare bloodlines is rendered, not only will his family be devastated, a large population including his customers and their families and ranch businesses that rely on his extraordinary skill and breeding knowledge will also be devastated."

Lance Hoch
New Plymouth, Idaho

"To better establish the credibility of my testimony regarding Shannon Pearce’s character, I wish to briefly give you my background. I’m the president and owner of Sawtooth Sunrise LLC, a real estate investment business. My husband and I own several properties in which we’ve leased to dozens of different tenants for over a decade. We hold ourselves to a high standard in providing safe and adequate facilities for our tenants. We take pride in our homes and are upset when we learn of negligence in our industry. It’s with that background, that I vouch for Shannon’s character as a individual and as a horseman.
I have known Shannon Pearce for my whole life. I have seen him around his horses throughout the years and have never at any time seen any kind of mistreatment or abuse. He has always shown love and care towards his horses.
On one occasion, Shannon let my children ride with him in a small two-wheeled carriage pulled behind one of his horses. The horse was well fed and lacked any sign of malnourishment or neglect. Shannon took one child at a time for a short ride in the carriage. He was clear he’d only be taking small children since he was conscious of the weight his horse could handle comfortably and avoided exceeding that weight. During the ride, he kept within eyesight of the group, and you could see him watching the horse to gauge any sign of fatigue. When the horse tired, he told the children that he couldn’t give any more rides as the pony was getting tired. This is just one of many examples of Shannon’s love and respect for horses in his care. Shannon is a real horseman. He can read his horses and knows what their wants and needs are because he loves and cares for them.
Shannon has spent a lifetime studying different horse breeds and bloodlines. It would be a tragedy and disservice to the horse industry to not allow him to own and breed horses. Shannon is not a negligent nor malicious individual. What happened to his horses was a tragedy, and I am certain Shannon feels the same way. Shannon would never want to see one go without water. Horses are his livelihood, but more importantly they are his passion."

Tana Oscanyan
Orem, Utah

"I have practiced medicine in Weiser, ID, for the last 45 years, and have worked for Mr. Pearce for at least the last 25 years. Most of my veterinary services for Shannon have involved disease testing and preparing health certificates on the hundreds of horses that he has sold during this time. These horses are sold all over the United States and Canada. I have also been the vet on site for several of his production sales over the years. All of the sale horses are individually inspected prior to sale, and I have seen almost all of his horses each year when we test horses in the various groups of animals.
Mr. Pearce sells most of his horses to buyers who use them for ranch work, roping or other timed rodeo events, or for breeding. His clients do not generally include people who show halter horses. Therefore the horses are not kept in "fat" condition, but rather in using condition. The horses are not pampered, either by Mr. Pearce or by the buyers on the ranches where they are sold to. Buyers are not interested in purchasing extremely thin or injured horses. Many of these purchasers are "repeat buyers" and some even buy horses sight unseen, meaning that they trust Mr. Pearce to send them good horses.
Horses are graded by the amount of body fat they have at any particular time. Body condition scores range from 1 to 9. Grade 2 BCS are horses that are so thin that they can barely stand up, all the way to BCS grade 9 (obesely fat). Lactating mares with foals at side, young yearlings, and very old horses with poor teeth are usually in the BCS score 3-4. Almost all of Mr. Pearce's horses are in the BCS grade 4-6 range.
Last year I did some extensive dental work on 4 head of old horses (age 19 to 22) because of the weight loss they exhibited. These 4 head were in with approximately 30 head of broodmares and foals, and were the only thin horses in the bunch. These horses gained weight and they looked to be in good shape this summer when I saw them.
Each year I observe malnourished horses in my practice area. Invariably, these horses belong to owners who know nothing about horses or how to take care of them. The neglect and abuse comes from ignorance about how to feed, exercise, handle, and care for the animals.
Mr. Shannon Pearce has been involved with the horse industry for many generations, and generates his entire livelihood from raising and selling them. He does not spend money to produce fat, soft horses, but rather working horses that sell all across Canada, and the US. It makes no economic or humane sense to purposely withhold feed or water to any of these animals.
It is my understanding that the animal health veterinarian from the Idaho Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industries has recently inspected all of Shannon's horses and found them all in acceptable body condition. I would agree with this finding, based on my ongoing involvement with his horse herd."

Jack Walker, DVM
Weiser, Idaho

"I have know Shannon for 20 years. I have bought several horses from him over the years . They were all in excellent condition. I have visited with him at his place many times. I have look at his stallions and mares. They were always well taken care of ."

George Hyer
Melba, Idaho

"I have known Shannon Pearce for eleven years and have spent hours with him caring for horses. I have been around horses throughout my life, as my uncle, grandfather and cousins all care for horses. In every way, Shannon is gentle, caring and concerned for his animals. Please let me share a few examples.
I have accompanied him on walks through and among his horses countless times and marveled at his rapport with them. They come to him, he knows them, and there is clearly a bond of trust between them. I have been with him on mountain pastures and watched him identify horses miles away. He clearly knows and cares for his horses. I still marvel that he can identify them, knows the pedigree and what to expect in personality from each one. I have helped him and watched him train horses. He is gentle and patient. He is deliberate and careful, and it is as if he’s able to think like a horse, so able to draw the best out of them. His methods are nothing short of gentle and careful, and his demeanor is full of respect for the animals. Finally, I have helped him feed horses many, many days. He is careful, thorough, and watchful of each group every time he offers them feed. He is clearly concerned and careful.
I hope you will accept of these few experiences as evidence of Shannon’s careful, respectful and gentle personality, character and methods with his horses. I have never met a person who knew and cared for horses as well as Shannon Pearce."

Johnathan Goodsell
West Lafayette, Indiana

"I grew up next door to Shannon Pearce from the age of 8 years old until I married in my 20's. I have spent hundreds of hours around him. While I have not had the privilege of seeing him or his family as often since marrying and starting my own family, we still try to have many family get togethers and evening visits to catch up. As an adult my admiration and respect for Shannon has only grown. When we have had time to visit I am always humbled by his kindness and Christlike love towards everyone and every creature, his incredible work ethic -a harder working man I have never known, and his willingness to help or serve someone. He is one of the best men I have ever had privilege of knowing. A man I truly love and respect.
During my childhood, my family had the privilege of owning a pony and a few horses, but my father was a doctor and not a horseman. Respectfully, he didn't know the first thing about horses... Or how to teach/help me care for my pony. There were many, many times when I had problems or issues far beyond my abilities and Shannon would be the first person I would turn to. He was always so patient with me and with my horse! He would take the time to teach- I can't even begin to write all the things he had to show me or the mistakes I would make that he'd have to correct, and not once did he ever lose his temper or patience with me or my mount. He taught me how to ride and properly care for my pony. Every time I needed help I knew he had to stop working to help me, and never did he show frustration or annoyance, though you could see he was so incredibly busy. If my pony was acting up Shannon would warm him up so he was safe for me to ride. He was always soft and gentle with my animals and his own. I never saw him use any whips or ever hurt an animal. He was always gentle and kind.
I remember at least four separate occasions when Shannon saw my pony had no shoes, had lost a shoe, or had gotten long in the hoof and would stop me and take care of my pony. He would trim the hoofs, and then using his own shoes would shoe my horse. He would kindly point out different things to watch out for, explaining to me that it was my responsibility to care for my horse or it might go lame or get hurt. He was always watching out for the horses always making sure they were being properly cared for. I knew without question that if I needed help Shannon would be there for me.
I know you've been painted a picture of someone who is neglectful or abusive, but this image is so incredibly warped and far from the truth. I believe those who created it have forgotten -that circumstances out of our own control can happen. Accidents happen, and sometimes others can cause heartache and hardship on another person or their animals. I know Shannon didn't remove the hose or turn off his horses water supply. I don't know who did, but I know Shannon. I know the man who taught me about my horse and pony, I know he's not abusive or neglectful. I pray you take in consideration my personal experience and knowledge of him. Those of us who know him are the ones who can give you an accurate account of him."

Holly Ong
Emmett, Idaho

"I have known Shannon for many years and he has broken horses for me. He is an expert trainer and knows more about horses than anyone I’ve ever met. Shannon would never intentionally harm nor mistreat a horse. He has a kindly way with horses, I have watched him work many horses and even as he breaks them he does so in a manner that is gentle and kind. Horses also love and respect him.
Those horses died because someone removed the hose from the water trough which he had relied on, and had been there for the several years he rented the pasture. Shannon loved those horses and they were very valuable to him. He would not have intentionally let them die.
That was an extremely hot summer, and I am aware of many other farm animals dying from heat that same summer, including pigs and cattle. In being fair, those owners should be prosecuted for these same “crimes” as Shannon. Shannon’s horses are his complete livelihood which he has worked at all his life. If his horses are seized he will no longer be able to provide for his wife and adult down-syndrome son."

Mel Anderson
Twin Falls, Idaho

"We have leased property to Shannon Pearce for approximately 10 years.
I have heard about the accusations of his abuse to animals and I would just like to explain why this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of. If you were to ever be with Shannon, as he is with his horses, (or you might call them his children) as I am afraid that he loves them almost as much as his children. Anyway, if you were to walk with him among his horses you would see and feel the love and relationship that he has with them, He knows them, each one of them individually, and because of the kind way that he treats them they respond accordingly. It is truly a sight to behold, If you want to see how much he loves them just go spend a couple of hours with him out among his horses (or children)
I think this is absolutely ridiculous the charges that have been brought against him. I think he suffered enough just with the loss of them.
He is truly a one-of-a-kind horseman who loves and treats his horses with only kindness and love and would never abuse, in anyway, his horses."

Danny Levie
Central Utah

"I met Shannon about 20 years ago when he purchased a stallion from us and we delivered him to his ranch. We spent 2 days with Shannon viewing all his horses.
In 2017 we went back to his ranch and purchased 2 colts, and 1 broodmare. In 2018, we purchased 2 geldings and 1 yearling. Each time we have viewed all his stock which were all in good condition.
My wife and I have held our own horse sales publicly as well as have sold horses privately for over 20 years. We know the horse business and what it is like dealing with the public and their opinions.
I once asked Shannon what he did with his mares when they got too old to produce any more colts? We here at Kupper Ranch sell our old mares to killer buyers. His response was, "No, I don't sell them. This is their home and I care for them until they die." Does this sound like a man that would purposefully neglect taking care of his horses? I think not!"

Ted and Dawn Kupper
Killdeer, North Dakota

"I got 3 gelding horses from your ranch. I am happy to say that they have been amazing horses and I have trained them to be great ranch horses !! They are very well built and very athletic. I can tell that you have cared for them and that they have been given the correct nutrition that they need.
I have been proud to own your horses and I would recommend Colt45 horses to any one that would like to have a good healthy horse!!
Thank you Colt45 for raising great horses. I can really tell that you care for them !!"

Arden Bundy
Bunkerville, Nevada

"I met Shannon in 2017 when I purchased a gelding to train and ride. I have trained horse all my life. I liked the first gelding so I purchased a second one in 2018. When I picked up my horse, Shannon gave me a tour of his stallions, mares, geldings and colts in the pastures where they were kept. The horses were well fed and watered, they all looked to be in very good condition. I was very surprised when I heard of the case that was brought against him. Shannon takes pride in the pedigrees of his horses, and his knowledge of his horses is amazing. It was sad to find my friend in this situation as he would never knowingly want any harm to come to any of his livestock."

Alejandro Chacano
Killdeer, North Dakota

"I wish to express my support for a long-time associate and friend, Shannon Pearce.  I've known Shannon personally for more than 20 years and have always observed him to be a person of strong moral character and quality.  He has always kept his word, and been honest in every dealing I've had with him.  I've spent many hours over the years in deep conversations with him on matters of life, business, faith and otherwise.  He clearly demonstrates a deep knowledge and understanding of horse breeding, breaking and training.  This can also be testified of by many of his repeat customers and clients around the country.  As well, he and his family have provided unsolicited help to our family many times, and have always been willing to assist whenever called upon.  They are simply good folk.  We now live elsewhere, but from what I understand, he has been accused of something that does not appear to fit the profile of the man I know as Shannon Pearce.  I do not believe for one moment, and in all honesty, that Shannon would ever intentionally cause harm to another individual, or their property, or abuse (of anything) his OWN property.  The latter would especially be quite counterproductive.  I simply do not believe it, regardless of the supposed "facts" proposed by some involved.

The above said, I think it's perhaps even more crucial the discussion focus on questioning the underlying and incorrect principle that is being used against him.  That is the absolutely insane and absurd idea that non-human things have "rights" that should be defended by human laws.  Now, let me be unequivocally clear:  I do not divert to this topic because I somehow harbor any doubt of his innocence in the matter.  I do not.  I simply ask for your undivided attention so we can reason together. 

Many have said that animals have rights, but exactly what those rights are is left in blur.  I also believe there is an overall misunderstanding of what a "right" is, how it's obtained and from what source.  As humans, it is pretty common for us each to recognize that we have three fundamental or natural "rights".  Specifically they are: 1) the right to Life (to live), 2) the right to Liberty (to be free), and 3) the right of Ownership and Absolute Control of Property.  Each of these rights is totally dependent upon, and requires the existence of, the other two.  They are naturally interdependent, if you will.  They exist and come directly as a result of our humanity (or, if you are a person of Faith, you should understand that they have been given to us by our Creator at birth).  Their interdependence can be illustrated with a few simple examples.  What profiteth a man who is able to maintain his life, but is subject to a loss of all his liberty and/or property by the actions of others?  Wherein then is the advantage of maintaining his life, for has it not lost all value?  Who wants to live and not be free to act or own property with which they can produce and progress?  Very few, I would argue.  If a car is stolen (the very word implies it has an "owner"), justice requires the law and its agents pursue the thief and return the "property" to its rightful owner.  The car itself does not have a right to be aloof, nor does it have a right to keep the fancy new seat covers recently installed.  Some will argue that a totally different scenario is created where an animal is involved, simply because it has some level of "intelligence".  However, it's clear that animals (big or small) care very little about owning any property or the amount of freedom they enjoy.  They are property, and are even (and should be) protected as such under law.  If an animal is stolen, it is (by the law) returned to its owner.  No one questions this.  Does anyone compensate a cow for its milk?  No.  They are property, and the milk they produce is the property of the owner of the cow.  No one questions this.  It seems to me that only when "animal lovers" (or "horse lovers", in this case) get involved in an issue that the rights of human individuals are violated to satisfy the mere feelings of other such “do-gooders”.  What they fail to realize is that they are asking government to do something they themselves have no right to do, so the government also has no authority to do it either.  Yes, it's sad the horses died.  I like horses too, and think they are very beautiful, and useful animals.  But that's where it stops.  They are animals, and they are property of human owners.  It becomes very dangerous ground to presume anything further.  Does anyone have a right to control their neighbor's actions with respect to his property?  Absolutely not.  Which leads to my next point.

It should be understood that rights do not overlap.  If I have a right to do something, then no one else on this (mostly) green earth... and no other thing, has a right that can prevent me from doing it.  So, with the right of Ownership and Absolute Control of Property, it should to be understood that just like a house, a car, food items, a fine stereo or a cute little whistling parakeet... animals are property.  Property has no "rights".  Even if it did, it's rights cannot intrude upon the "rights" of anyone or anything else, or it could not be justly called a "right".  Under our system of law as it currently exists (and hopefully will never change in the contrary) animals cannot own things.  Animals do not have a right to be free. And now, for the grand finale (which should be used as blatant and obvious evidence in Shannon's favor), they also do not have a right to life itself.  Why?!  Because IF they did, they would also, naturally, have the other corollary rights that come with the right of Life: The right of Liberty and the right of Ownership and Control of Property.  To deny this, is to muddy the waters of Justice to no end; making truth and reason a thing of naught, with what is "right" and what is "wrong" totally subject to the whims of man (or the court).  This cannot and should not be.

I am also informed that there is a desire, or plan, in motion to execute further injustice upon Mr. Pearce and his family by confiscating his remaining property (read: horses).  Such an act would be wrong, and contrary to natural law.  He (Shannon) has already suffered a loss of the horses that died last year.  The only loss incurred by anyone as a result of the horses dying was the direct loss to Shannon and his family.  There has not been an infringement upon the rights or property of anyone else outside of their own.  Where could the justice be found in further penalizing them by taking away their primary source of income?  Do fishermen live very long without a boat?  If anything is to be done, it should be to recognize that they are now invoking their right to be left alone.  This right stems from both the right to Liberty, and the right of Ownership and Absolute Control of Property.  To take away even more of their property, or do anything further to this good man and his family would be an act of legal plunder.

Please thoughtfully, and personally consider the above.  If anything is unclear, please just remember this one simple line that we all (should) have understood since we were very little:  "Don't hurt other people, and don't take their stuff."  It's really quite simple."

Nathan Jones
Grandville, Michigan

"I bought a mare that is out of Crusader and Idaho Luck. This mare is really turning out to be a great horse. My son is planning to high school rodeo on this mare. We have had her to a trainer getting her trained to rope and he is impressed with her. I really like her build too. A nice stocky horse about 15 hands, gentle, trainable mind, and no problem around cows."

Kevin Tew

"I have a 2014 model by Bunk House 045 and Lone Command 045. I absolutely love her and am so lucky to have her. She is incredible."

Amy Kelly

"I have known Shannon for over 40 years and have looked at many of his horses. Not one time have I witnessed any neglect or cruelty. He has a passion for, and an understanding of the horse industry that would rival anyone. The charges that have been brought against Shannon are bogus. We have purchased numerous horses from him and not once have we seen or had a horse that was mistreated. This appears to be a case of harassment against Shannon. It needs to stop. It is my hope and prayer that those in charge of the legal system there will dismiss these charges and let Shannon alone so he can live his life and continue to do those things he loves to do."

Tim Lanier
Cortez, Colorado

"The first of June 2018 I went to visit the Colt 45 Ranch, Shannon dedicated the entire day to showing me his horses. I dont think there was a single stud, mare, colt, two or three year old I didnt see. I was very impressed with the overall condition of all his horses. Secondly the calm and social disposition of each and every stud clearly carried through to their colts. Thirdly, In talking with Shannon it became very apparent he was very knowledgeable and well informed. I had never met anyone who could give an individual horses pedigree without a book in front of him. As we walked through the multiple bans this reciting pedigrees continued. Shannon took the time to listen and then narrowed our search to a specific type and breeds to accommodate our needs. Clearly Shannon has a vision, a desire , and an over whelming passion for his horses.
I left with multiple pictures, videos, and an echo of pedigrees. A week later my son in law and myself bought two horses from Shannon. The first of July my wife and I went back to pick up the horses, she too received the grand tour. Again a very impressive large group of fit and healthy horses. Three months later we called Shannon and bought yet another colt. This time Shannon went out of his way to coordinate a ride which brought that colt virtually to our front door in Montana. This colt came to us in excellent physical condition in October. To date Shannons prediction of each horse has been right on target."

Mark and Deb Theis
Vaughn, Montana

"I have known Shannon Pearce and his family for 30 years. I have purchased many horses over the years and have shopped in his herds many times over the years. Shannon makes his living coordinating the breeding program he has. Every year I see many weanling who have never been caught, stand and love a scratch. He breeds for attitude and endurance. A difficult combination without making a hot horse. I still have the first horse I bought from Shannon, Lonsum Lamonite. I know how Shannon checks his horses and makes sure they have food and water. Rode along many times. Methodical and never stops till he is done, even if it is dark. I was just at his pens this spring and just before this unfortunate incident. All horses came to greet me. I am so saddened, as is my family, by the loss of this magnificent stallion and his mares who will never be replaced. Who ever changed the established water delivery to these amazing animals will face their maker, and answer for their act, someday."

Virginia Bond
Fruitland, Idaho

"We have bought several horses from Shannon Pearce in the last several years, including 3 fillies this year. We have walked among his herds in Payette and Weiser and have never seen anything to make us think the horses were neglected or abused. We have watched him train fillies to lead and load into a trailer and his methods were patient, kind and successful."

Greg and Pandi Hart
Emmett, Idaho

"I go to Shannons ranch every summer. He has great horses and foals. I have bought 12 foals over the years. They are great all around horses. If you want to know anything about horses, he is the man to ask. He will show you all of his horses. You can see for yourself how great they look in the middle of summer. Shannon takes great care of all of his horses."

George Timinsky
Wilder, Idaho

"After looking at the ranch, anyone can clearly tell this is a professional outfit with some real nice horses.

Accidents happen.

This incident is NOT criminal neglect.

Anyone who says it is either an idiot OR trying to set the owner up. PERIOD"


"I have purchased 12 horses over the last 10 years from Shannon Pearce. All of my horses have been healthy and strong. I have visited him on numerous times at various locations where his horses have been pastured in all different seasons of the year. I have always personally witnessed all horses in good flesh and properly cared for--always having ample food and water. I also can personally testify that Shannon is a man of integrity and will always be truthful in all circumstances. And I can also say that if there is a person on this earth that understands horse raising and breeding better than Shannon Pearce, I would like to meet them! Shannon raises the very best Performance Quarter Horses in the country and it would be foolish for anyone to consider that he wouldnt properly care for some of the very best horses that have ever existed on this planet.

I will be visiting Shannon soon to pick up two new colts and look forward to many more in the coming years."

Darin Hintze
Ivins, Utah

"I will never forget the time I got to visit Shannon Pearce's horses. My parents were in the market for a couple good fillies, so Shannon took us around and showed us what he had. He had several different pastures with mares and foals and a stallion in each one. He also had separate pastures for different groups of young stock. It became clear right away that Shannon knew each horse individually. He knows their pedigrees and dispositions, when he mates horses he does it with accumulated years of wisdom and experience. Shannon keeps his horses in a more natural environment, this allows foals learn herd dynamics from the start. They also learn to travel in a natural environment which helps their feet and bones to grow strong and different terrain is natural to them. Those are exceptional qualities to anyone wanting to train a young horse. Shannon's horses were obviously well cared for and used to his presence. The filly my mom picked came up to me and nuzzled me.

Shannon Pearce is the type of person who will give you the shirt off his own back. He has hauled cranky bulls for us and offered a helping hand when the winter gets rough. He is one of those rare people you know you could count on if you needed him. And that is why I was horrified when I saw the grotesque pictures and unwarranted accusations about him circulating through social media. Shannon has a passion for his horses and when you have such a passion for something you don't neglect it, I have no doubt no one was more horrified or heartbroken over the deaths of those horses than he. I don't know what happened that day, but I am confident it wasn't abuse or neglect on Shannon Pearce's part."

Lorie Lockwood
Emmett, Idaho

"At any given time there are between 40 and 80 of Shannon's horses in the pasture behind my property. He LOVES his horses. He comes EVERY DAY to check on them. He is out there in the snow, and the rain. He is out there in triple digit heat, and below freezing, and wind storms. If the pasture is low on feed, he brings hay to supplement the horses. There is no way one could say he neglects them.

The water tank is filled daily. I can see these horses from my kitchen window, and I can tell when they are drinking. If he needs to be out of town for a few days, he sets the water on a slow stream to keep the water level up and then HE TELLS me so that I cam keep an eye out.

He is gentle to his horses, walks among them and strokes them. This is his livelihood and he is dedicated to it."

Linda Macklin
Payette, Idaho

"I first met Shannon Pearce the summer of 2001. My wife and I visited his ranch and looked at his horses. I was really impressed with the horses and their bloodlines that Shannon had worked so hard to preserve. Talking with Shannon it was obvious that he loved his horses. He was very proud of them and knew so much about the individual horses and their family tree. We came back later that year and purchased a stallion (Cowboy pistol 45) from Shannon. We thoroughly enjoyed riding this horse and raised some nice Colts by him.
Two years later(2003) we returned and purchased our second stallion (war drift gray 45) from Shannon. Again we looked at many of his horses and visited with Shannon for a good part of the day. It was obvious that his greatest love in life, besides his family, was his horses.
We returned again in 2014 and purchased a gray filly named White Out 45. This filly was amazing. She was so soft and willing and yet very responsive. She was big, athletic, and beautiful. She was a pleasure to ride and be around. Horses of this type do not come by accident. They are selectively bred and raised by people who know and understand great horses and bloodlines. Shannon loves horses and understands how to breed for good horses.
In the spring of 2017 I was in a tight spot with my horses and my breeding program. I had lost my stallion due to an accident and I did not have the finances to purchase another one. Shannon leased me one of his stallions so that I could breed my mares. He did not require money for the lease. He only ask me to start the stallion for him. I did not ask for this favor. He offered it out of the kindness of his heart. He did not need to extend this act of kindness. It showed me what kind of a person Shannon is. He thought of someone elses need before his own.
One week ago(August 20-21 ,2018) I returned to Shannons and purchased a weanling Colt . I am extremely excited and looking forward to the possibilities of this young horse. I think he has the potential to be outstanding. My opinion is that you would have to hunt far and wide to find another colt of his quality, type, and breeding. We again looked at Shannons horses. He is so proud of and in love with his horses. The horses looked good. The mares were in good flesh and the colts all looked good considering how hot and dry the summer has been.
Anyone who has taken the time to visit with Shannon Pearce knows that he loves his horses. Again, I believe they are his pride and joy. Only his family would be at a higher priority."

Steven Tew
Talmage, Utah

"I want to thank you for giving me such an incredible horse (filly by Crusader 45 and out of Miss Marshall 045). You can tell she was bred extremely well. Her learning curve is outstanding, she takes everything to the next level. Everything about the way she moves to her training is so smooth. Thank you so much for giving me my dream horse."

Kayla Atamanchuk
Manitoba, Canada

"We bought a stud colt/barrel prospect from Shannon. We are located in California and had never met Shannon. We basically told him what we were looking for and he picked us out a colt. We put our trust and money on the line without even seeing the horse or meeting Shannon in person. He made the buying transaction so easy, and he is so helpful and very knowledgeable when it comes to bloodlines. He even went so far as to bring the horse to Nevada to meet us. We love the horse we got from Colt 45 Ranch and Shannon Pearce. He had not been handled a lot when we got him. But he has since taken to being handled and worked like a duck takes to water. He is by far everything and more Shannon said he was. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this prospect! We couldn't be happier with our horse. Actually we are so pleased with him that we are in the process of buying his younger half-sister from Colt 45 Ranch."

John Barker and Sherrha Brown
Winton, California

"Shannon, thank you. I wanted to let you know that I won the Klickitat County Fair team roping on my Black horse (by Chickasha Cowboy 045 and out of Handle the Blond 045) this August 28th (2017). We were 26 seconds on 3 head, Yahoo! I think I'm the only woman to win; my black horse is working great."

Wendy Hall
Centerville, Washington

"I am an avid Team Roper and have purchased several horses from Shannon, and he knows the traits of each individual horse and can direct you to find exactly what you are looking for. Shannon has been spot on with all recommendations on my Roping Horses, he knows their abilities both physical and mental. I have hauled my horses to rope and train with several of the Top Pros in Texas and they all comment on the quality of my horses, they are mentally sound and possess all of the physical abilities to perform a the highest level. Shannon has a special gift of combining families of horses to produce the very best!"

Darin Hintze
Ivins, Utah

"I bought a 2010 filly out of Bunk House 045 and Golden Girl 045. She steals the eyes of all the people who see her. She's not going to be a big horse but she's very cowy, very confident, learns quick and doesn't shy at much. She has a beautiful, long comfortable stride. No regrets getting that horse."

Addie Young
Southern Utah

"I have known Shannon for almost 25 years and have purchased several horses from him over the years. The quality of Shannon's horses in their lineage, personality and athletic ability is beyond belief. These horses excel in working cattle but also have the talent to barrel race, rodeo or trail ride.I also believe it is important to mention the honesty and integrity of Shannon Pearce. I know some people are reluctant to trust horse traders. Shannon is NOT a trader. He is a horse breeder and is the best at combining the bloodlines to make a good horse. I have continued to return to Shannon as a customer and know he will be honest about the horse and the money. His animals are world class."

Virginia Bond
Fruitland, Idaho

"I’m please to know Shannon is presenting and sharing his horses to the public. He knows what it takes to produce top all-around using horses. He has hunted and scoured the country for the best. He has acquired some of the best horse genetics available.

I first met Shannon 40 years ago when he was in Provo, Utah in 1979. I was looking for good all-around hoses. He had Oklahoma Truckle who was out of the best Leo and King female line. Then he had Savannah Jr, Goodbye Sam, the great world Supreme; Jody Fairfax; Lonsum Tiger; Roan Beau; to name a few. His horses all had great minds and confirmation. Most important, really good bones, legs, and hoofs and speed. As the world champion calf roper Dale Smith family of Arizona told me--without that you have nothing. Shannon knows what it takes to be a good using horse. I’ve used his breeding for a long time to gather cattle on a big ranch and to gather horses for the BLM.

I was born and raised on a ranch in western Wyoming. I attended Utah State University, worked with a couple of horse stables – one time cared for Dandy Doll, dam of Doc Bars, and worked on a large ranch in Western Wyoming to look after 800 range cows and 500 purebred Hereford cows and over 100 horses. The ranch had 22,000 head of sheep, 20 summer herds that were all pack and only wagons in the winter time. All winter work was done with horses. I took care of the horse production and starting of colts. I rode lots of horses.

I have ridden and seen lots of horses. I will say, Shannon’s choices of horses is the best I have seen. Shannon has the kind of horses that can do it any place--arena, country and sagebrush."

Richard Saxton
Evanston, Wyoming

"I have known Shannon Pearce since the 1970s. He has the best understanding of horse pedigrees of anyone I know. There are few bands of horses anywhere with better bloodlines than the horses Shannon raises.He is honest and can be trusted in what he says and recommends. I have owned several horses which Shannon bred and I have enjoyed each one."

Gene Berger
Ashton, Idaho

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