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Satisfied Customers

"I bought a 2010 filly out of Bunk House 045 and Golden Girl 045. She steals the eyes of all the people who see her. She's not going to be a big horse but she's very cowy, very confident, learns quick and doesn't shy at much. She has a beautiful, long comfortable stride. No regrets getting that horse."

Addie Young
Southern Utah

"I have known Shannon for almost 25 years and have purchased several horses from him over the years. The quality of Shannon's horses in their lineage, personality and athletic ability is beyond belief. These horses excel in working cattle but also have the talent to barrel race, rodeo or trail ride.I also believe it is important to mention the honesty and integrity of Shannon Pearce. I know some people are reluctant to trust horse traders. Shannon is NOT a trader. He is a horse breeder and is the best at combining the bloodlines to make a good horse. I have continued to return to Shannon as a customer and know he will be honest about the horse and the money. His animals are world class."

Virginia Bond
Attorney at Law

"I first met Shannon Pearce over 30 years ago when I was looking for good all-around horses. His horses all had great minds and confirmation, but most importantly, they had good bones, legs, hoofs and speed. Shannon knows what it takes to be a good using horse. I've used his breeding for a long time to gather cattle on big spreads. I have ridden and seen lots of different horses and I will say, Shannon's choice of horses is the best that I have seen. He has acquired some of the best horse genetics available."

Richard Saxton
Professional Cowboy and Rancher

"I have known Shannon Pearce since the 1970s. He has the best understanding of horse pedigrees of anyone I know. There are few bands of horses anywhere with better bloodlines than the horses Shannon raises.He is honest and can be trusted in what he says and recommends. I have owned several horses which Shannon bred and I have enjoyed each one."

Gene R. Berger
Horse Trainer, Breeder and Rancher

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