BREAKING NEWS: Shannon Pearce's Devastating Loss of 4 Horses and Evidence of Illegal Actions and Corruption by Payette Chief of Police Mark Clark

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Satisfied Customers

"I have known Shannon for over 40 years and have looked at many of his horses. Not one time have I witnessed any neglect or cruelty. He has a passion for, and an understanding of the horse industry that would rival anyone. The charges that have been brought against Shannon are bogus. We have purchased numerous horses from him and not once have we seen or had a horse that was mistreated. This appears to be a case of harassment against Shannon. It needs to stop. It is my hope and prayer that those in charge of the legal system there will dismiss these charges and let Shannon alone so he can live his life and continue to do those things he loves to do."

Tim L.
Cortez, Colorado

"The first of June 2018 I went to visit the Colt 45 Ranch, Shannon dedicated the entire day to showing me his horses. I dont think there was a single stud, mare, colt, two or three year old I didnt see. I was very impressed with the overall condition of all his horses. Secondly the calm and social disposition of each and every stud clearly carried through to their colts. Thirdly, In talking with Shannon it became very apparent he was very knowledgeable and well informed. I had never met anyone who could give an individual horses pedigree without a book in front of him. As we walked through the multiple bans this reciting pedigrees continued. Shannon took the time to listen and then narrowed our search to a specific type and breeds to accommodate our needs. Clearly Shannon has a vision, a desire , and an over whelming passion for his horses.
I left with multiple pictures, videos, and an echo of pedigrees. A week later my son in law and myself bought two horses from Shannon. The first of July my wife and I went back to pick up the horses, she too received the grand tour. Again a very impressive large group of fit and healthy horses. Three months later we called Shannon and bought yet another colt. This time Shannon went out of his way to coordinate a ride which brought that colt virtually to our front door in Montana. This colt came to us in excellent physical condition in October. To date Shannons prediction of each horse has been right on target."

Mark and Deb T.
Vaughn, Montana

"I have known Shannon Pearce and his family for 30 years. I have purchased many horses over the years and have shopped in his herds many times over the years. Shannon makes his living coordinating the breeding program he has. Every year I see many weanling who have never been caught, stand and love a scratch. He breeds for attitude and endurance. A difficult combination without making a hot horse. I still have the first horse I bought from Shannon, Lonsum Lamonite. I know how Shannon checks his horses and makes sure they have food and water. Rode along many times. Methodical and never stops till he is done, even if it is dark. I was just at his pens this spring and just before this unfortunate incident. All horses came to greet me. I am so saddened, as is my family, by the loss of this magnificent stallion and his mares who will never be replaced. Who ever changed the established water delivery to these amazing animals will face their maker, and answer for their act, someday."

Virginia B.
Fruitland, Idaho

"We have bought several horses from Shannon Pearce in the last several years, including 3 fillies this year. We have walked among his herds in Payette and Weiser and have never seen anything to make us think the horses were neglected or abused. We have watched him train fillies to lead and load into a trailer and his methods were patient, kind and successful."

Greg and Pandi
Emmett, Idaho

"I go to Shannons ranch every summer. He has great horses and foals. I have bought 12 foals over the years. They are great all around horses. If you want to know anything about horses, he is the man to ask. He will show you all of his horses. You can see for yourself how great they look in the middle of summer. Shannon takes great care of all of his horses."

George T.
Wilder, Idaho

"After looking at the ranch, anyone can clearly tell this is a professional outfit with some real nice horses.

Accidents happen.

This incident is NOT criminal neglect.

Anyone who says it is either an idiot OR trying to set the owner up. PERIOD"


"I have purchased 12 horses over the last 10 years from Shannon Pearce. All of my horses have been healthy and strong. I have visited him on numerous times at various locations where his horses have been pastured in all different seasons of the year. I have always personally witnessed all horses in good flesh and properly cared for--always having ample food and water. I also can personally testify that Shannon is a man of integrity and will always be truthful in all circumstances. And I can also say that if there is a person on this earth that understands horse raising and breeding better than Shannon Pearce, I would like to meet them! Shannon raises the very best Performance Quarter Horses in the country and it would be foolish for anyone to consider that he wouldnt properly care for some of the very best horses that have ever existed on this planet.

I will be visiting Shannon soon to pick up two new colts and look forward to many more in the coming years."

Darin H.
Ivins, Utah

"I will never forget the time I got to visit Shannon Pearce's horses. My parents were in the market for a couple good fillies, so Shannon took us around and showed us what he had. He had several different pastures with mares and foals and a stallion in each one. He also had separate pastures for different groups of young stock. It became clear right away that Shannon knew each horse individually. He knows their pedigrees and dispositions, when he mates horses he does it with accumulated years of wisdom and experience. Shannon keeps his horses in a more natural environment, this allows foals learn herd dynamics from the start. They also learn to travel in a natural environment which helps their feet and bones to grow strong and different terrain is natural to them. Those are exceptional qualities to anyone wanting to train a young horse. Shannon's horses were obviously well cared for and used to his presence. The filly my mom picked came up to me and nuzzled me.

Shannon Pearce is the type of person who will give you the shirt off his own back. He has hauled cranky bulls for us and offered a helping hand when the winter gets rough. He is one of those rare people you know you could count on if you needed him. And that is why I was horrified when I saw the grotesque pictures and unwarranted accusations about him circulating through social media. Shannon has a passion for his horses and when you have such a passion for something you don't neglect it, I have no doubt no one was more horrified or heartbroken over the deaths of those horses than he. I don't know what happened that day, but I am confident it wasn't abuse or neglect on Shannon Pearce's part."

Lorie L.
Emmett, Idaho

"At any given time there are between 40 and 80 of Shannon's horses in the pasture behind my property. He LOVES his horses. He comes EVERY DAY to check on them. He is out there in the snow, and the rain. He is out there in triple digit heat, and below freezing, and wind storms. If the pasture is low on feed, he brings hay to supplement the horses. There is no way one could say he neglects them.

The water tank is filled daily. I can see these horses from my kitchen window, and I can tell when they are drinking. If he needs to be out of town for a few days, he sets the water on a slow stream to keep the water level up and then HE TELLS me so that I cam keep an eye out.

He is gentle to his horses, walks among them and strokes them. This is his livelihood and he is dedicated to it."

Linda M.
Payette, Idaho

"I first met Shannon Pearce the summer of 2001. My wife and I visited his ranch and looked at his horses. I was really impressed with the horses and their bloodlines that Shannon had worked so hard to preserve. Talking with Shannon it was obvious that he loved his horses. He was very proud of them and knew so much about the individual horses and their family tree. We came back later that year and purchased a stallion (Cowboy pistol 45) from Shannon. We thoroughly enjoyed riding this horse and raised some nice Colts by him.
Two years later(2003) we returned and purchased our second stallion (war drift gray 45) from Shannon. Again we looked at many of his horses and visited with Shannon for a good part of the day. It was obvious that his greatest love in life, besides his family, was his horses.
We returned again in 2014 and purchased a gray filly named White Out 45. This filly was amazing. She was so soft and willing and yet very responsive. She was big, athletic, and beautiful. She was a pleasure to ride and be around. Horses of this type do not come by accident. They are selectively bred and raised by people who know and understand great horses and bloodlines. Shannon loves horses and understands how to breed for good horses.
In the spring of 2017 I was in a tight spot with my horses and my breeding program. I had lost my stallion due to an accident and I did not have the finances to purchase another one. Shannon leased me one of his stallions so that I could breed my mares. He did not require money for the lease. He only ask me to start the stallion for him. I did not ask for this favor. He offered it out of the kindness of his heart. He did not need to extend this act of kindness. It showed me what kind of a person Shannon is. He thought of someone elses need before his own.
One week ago(August 20-21 ,2018) I returned to Shannons and purchased a weanling Colt . I am extremely excited and looking forward to the possibilities of this young horse. I think he has the potential to be outstanding. My opinion is that you would have to hunt far and wide to find another colt of his quality, type, and breeding. We again looked at Shannons horses. He is so proud of and in love with his horses. The horses looked good. The mares were in good flesh and the colts all looked good considering how hot and dry the summer has been.
Anyone who has taken the time to visit with Shannon Pearce knows that he loves his horses. Again, I believe they are his pride and joy. Only his family would be at a higher priority."

Steven T.
Talmage, Utah

"I want to thank you for giving me such an incredible horse (filly by Crusader 45 and out of Miss Marshall 045). You can tell she was bred extremely well. Her learning curve is outstanding, she takes everything to the next level. Everything about the way she moves to her training is so smooth. Thank you so much for giving me my dream horse."

Kayla A.
Manitoba, Canada

"We bought a stud colt/barrel prospect from Shannon. We are located in California and had never met Shannon. We basically told him what we were looking for and he picked us out a colt. We put our trust and money on the line without even seeing the horse or meeting Shannon in person. He made the buying transaction so easy, and he is so helpful and very knowledgeable when it comes to bloodlines. He even went so far as to bring the horse to Nevada to meet us. We love the horse we got from Colt 45 Ranch and Shannon Pearce. He had not been handled a lot when we got him. But he has since taken to being handled and worked like a duck takes to water. He is by far everything and more Shannon said he was. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this prospect! We couldn't be happier with our horse. Actually we are so pleased with him that we are in the process of buying his younger half-sister from Colt 45 Ranch."

John and Sherrha
Winton, California

"Shannon, thank you. I wanted to let you know that I won the Klickitat County Fair team roping on my Black horse (by Chickasha Cowboy 045 and out of Handle the Blond 045) this August 28th (2017). We were 26 seconds on 3 head, Yahoo! I think I'm the only woman to win; my black horse is working great."

Wendy H.
Centerville, Washington

"I am an avid Team Roper and have purchased several horses from Shannon, and he knows the traits of each individual horse and can direct you to find exactly what you are looking for. Shannon has been spot on with all recommendations on my Roping Horses, he knows their abilities both physical and mental. I have hauled my horses to rope and train with several of the Top Pros in Texas and they all comment on the quality of my horses, they are mentally sound and possess all of the physical abilities to perform a the highest level. Shannon has a special gift of combining families of horses to produce the very best!"

Darin H.
Ivins, Utah

"I bought a 2010 filly out of Bunk House 045 and Golden Girl 045. She steals the eyes of all the people who see her. She's not going to be a big horse but she's very cowy, very confident, learns quick and doesn't shy at much. She has a beautiful, long comfortable stride. No regrets getting that horse."

Addie Y.
Southern Utah

"I have known Shannon for almost 25 years and have purchased several horses from him over the years. The quality of Shannon's horses in their lineage, personality and athletic ability is beyond belief. These horses excel in working cattle but also have the talent to barrel race, rodeo or trail ride.I also believe it is important to mention the honesty and integrity of Shannon Pearce. I know some people are reluctant to trust horse traders. Shannon is NOT a trader. He is a horse breeder and is the best at combining the bloodlines to make a good horse. I have continued to return to Shannon as a customer and know he will be honest about the horse and the money. His animals are world class."

Virginia B.
Fruitland, Idaho

"I first met Shannon Pearce over 30 years ago when I was looking for good all-around horses. His horses all had great minds and confirmation, but most importantly, they had good bones, legs, hoofs and speed. Shannon knows what it takes to be a good using horse. I've used his breeding for a long time to gather cattle on big spreads. I have ridden and seen lots of different horses and I will say, Shannon's choice of horses is the best that I have seen. He has acquired some of the best horse genetics available."

Richard S.
Evanston, Wyoming

"I have known Shannon Pearce since the 1970s. He has the best understanding of horse pedigrees of anyone I know. There are few bands of horses anywhere with better bloodlines than the horses Shannon raises.He is honest and can be trusted in what he says and recommends. I have owned several horses which Shannon bred and I have enjoyed each one."

Gene B.
Eastern Idaho

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