BREAKING NEWS: Shannon Pearce's Devastating Loss of 4 Horses and Evidence of Illegal Actions and Corruption by Payette Chief of Police Mark Clark

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Shannon Pearce's Devastating Loss of 4 Horses and Evidence of Illegal Actions and Corruption by Payette Chief of Police Mark Clark

Compiled by a family member, August 16, 2018.

On July 15, 2018 Idaho's Payette County Sheriff's Office responded to a call regarding 4 horses that had died on NE 10th Avenue (near Hurd Lane) within Payette city limits. A local resident contacted the owner Shannon Pearce, whom was devastated by his loss of one stallion, two mares and one colt that had a total value of $33,000. A fifth horse that had signs of colic, was exercised by Pearce for several hours and saved. While the initial investigation was conducted by Payette County Sheriff's Office, due to the location the investigation was soon turned over to Payette City Police, with Chief Mark Clark personally taking the case.

The above events were almost immediately posted on social media by area residents that also contacted various news sources and supplied pictures of this terrible event, which were likewise used by police. Immediately after the investigation was turned over to Chief Clark, he indicated that Pearce would face charges, and on July 19th issued four citations citing "Cruelty to animal to wit: horse deceased lack of water, food." If convicted, each charge can carry up to a $1000 fine and a year in jail.

However, there is much more to this story than the version posted on social media, published and promoted by individuals and Clark, with some having specific motives to convict Pearce and destroy his horse business.

Extensive investigation reveals many extremely troubling facts and events surrounding this tragedy that implicates neighbors and exposes police cover up, obstruction of justice, derelict of duty, expert witness tampering, defamation and other criminal acts.

On July 15, Pearce arrived at the scene prior to police and found his large water tank empty. He has been using the property for 4 years (and currently has an agreement with the new owner Miles Bruce) to graze horses during the summer months and feed during the winter as needed. A hose from a private well is used to continually trickle water into the tank during warm months to prevent moss buildup, but due to the water freezing during winter, the ice is broken and the tank is filled as needed. But on that particular day the water had been turned off, his hose untied from the trough, coiled up and hung on the pump house. Additionally the hose was hooked up to a different faucet on the outside of the pump house rather than on the inside as it had been for years. It had been severely over tightened with a wrench. Clearly someone trespassed and tampered with the hose and water source. While police conducted an incomplete investigation, they refuse to release the name of the party involved. Clark claims that "an individual filled the tank one week prior to the July 15th event," while Pearce confirms that the tank was full on Sunday July 8th, which is also confirmed by a family member. The water tank has a large enough capacity to easily sustain the five horses for more than 14 days, which includes summer heat evaporation estimates. Pearce checked the horses four days prior to the tragedy, which were healthy and had no indications of needing water.

Clark was requested to further investigate the above facts with additional information that is not included here, but refused. However, his comments to the Idaho Statesman include "police found evidence that it (the water) was inadvertently shut off by another party." Clark further stated that "investigators found evidence that Pearce had left the hose running in the trough to water the horses and that it was full when Pearce left. But an irrigation company working in the area turned off the water."

The problem with Clark's theory that "an irrigation company" turned off the water is that there are no canals, ditches, right-of-ways or easements for that purpose, and neither is there any vegetation that is watered by that private well. The property owner, Miles Bruce, has been involved in the investigation and confirms that his grounds keepers have been "doing their job for years" and knew that the hose and watering method was "for the horses." He further confirms that the "workers had not tampered with it." Mr. Bruce states that he "does not agree with any charges being placed against Shannon (Pearce) and wants to see all charges dismissed before this whole thing becomes larger and damages many more people."

Neighbor Ted McGourty, one of the most outspoken critics of Pearce on several television news stations including KTVB Channel 7, KIVI-TV 6 and other media, has a history of cutting large sections of the fence that borders his property with the pasture where the horses graze, as well as opening gates, permitting them to get out, causing grief to both Pearce and police. Nonetheless, Pearce has never filed charges in an effort to try and get along with neighbors. By McGourty's own admission, on July 15th he trespassed, watered the horses with cold well water, then sprayed them down and watched as two "died right in front of us." Even if his intentions were good, they were nonetheless illegal and are scientifically proven to kill horses.

Another neighbor, Lisa R. Holt (as of August 12, 2018 is Lisa Anderson), was also involved in illegal activities with the horses prior to the date of their death, as well as the day of. Additionally, on July 15, 2018, she again trespassed and took contraband photos for the express purpose to damage Pearce through defamation, slander, attempting to turn public opinion against him and destroy his horse business. Her photos are self incriminating, as they clearly establish that she had to trespass to obtain them. These photos were used by police, posted on social media and by several news sources.

Holt's boyfriend, Vern Anderson, was also involved in the above illegal activities that included trespassing to obtain videos for the sole purpose to post on media sources to defame and slander Pearce, turn public opinion against him and destroy his business.

In an effort to get the truth established, Pearce formally filed trespass charges against McGourty, Holt and Anderson on August 7, 2018. The signed documents detailed only a small portion of the illegal activities by the above parties. When those documents were presented to Officer Nathan Woods and Sergeant R. Yates of the Payette City Police Department, the latter read the charges and discussed them in detail then stated "Clearly there is enough evidence that each party will definitely be charged." He glanced at the time then continued "Probably this afternoon." However, he called Chief Clark first, who instructed him to not charge the parties involved (as later verified by an interviewer).

Calls were placed to Sergeant Yates on August 8th to check the status of the trespass charges, but they were not returned. However, in a subsequent conversation that same day with Chief Clark he yelled and screamed repeatedly in a most threatening manner "Don't you ever talk with my officers about this case again!"

These demands were again reiterated in person and in greater detail on August 9, 2018. While it is unbelievable that Clark instructed Pearce and associates to "never" talk with "his" police "officers about this case," what is even more troubling, in spite of overwhelming evidence of guilt and self incrimination, he refuses to charge any of the above parties with a crime, which is both "derelict of duty" and "obstruction of justice." What does Clark have to hide? Why does he not want the truth known, especially to his deputies or the public? With this information, other law enforcement officers have stated that Clark is "clearly obstructing justice." When Clark was asked to explain why he refuses to charge the above parties, he responded "I don't have to explain anything... and neither will I put anything in writing." As bad as this is, it gets much worse for Clark, and includes tampering with evidence and bullying a victim.

Clark also warned that anyone that talks with any of his witnesses or investigates them would be "construed as a threat and charged criminally." Not only is his threat obstructing our own investigation, as we do not know who his witnesses are, it is obvious that he will protect his witnesses at all costs, even if they have broken the law. By definition Clark is obstructing justice. And in this process he is willing to destroy and ignore the rights of others granted by God to men, as found in the Constitution of the United States. Clark claims to have taken the formal oath found in Idaho Title 59-401 "Oath Of Office" that reads "I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the Unites States, and the Constitution of the State of Idaho, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of City of Payette Chief of Police according to the best of my ability." However, by refusing to charge those who trespassed, damaged private property, obtained photos for the sole purpose to damage and defame Pearce, making him the victim, Clark has broken the above oath. But there is even more damaging evidence against Clark.

In an Argus Observer article Clark stated "investigators have been working with a deputy out of Washington County Sheriff's Office." As a result of Clark's deliberate efforts to damage Pearce and promote a witch hunt, various law enforcement agencies have contacted owners of ranch properties that Pearce leases. They have indicated to the land owners that there were "sick" horses and in general made condescending comments towards Pearce, which was a concerted effort to motivate owners to cancel valuable lease agreements and cause additional financial damage.

However, those comments were unfounded and without basis, which proved to be a witch hunt designed specifically to damage Pearce. For example on July 25, 2018 law enforcement agencies escorted (without due process or a 4th Amendment Warrant and without Pearce present) State of Idaho Department of Agriculture Bureau Chief Animal Health Scott R. Leibsle DVM, DABVP (aka Idaho State Veterinarian) to properties leased by Pearce in Payette and Washington counties. More than 100 head of horses were checked for health and overall condition (including the 5th horse that suffered colic on the July 15th event). In Leibsle's official report that was released August 14, he indicated that all horses were "in good body condition" and that there was "hay" and "forage for grazing" and "water" available. He concludes with "all horses... appear to be receiving appropriate care. No further investigation is necessary at this time. CASE IS CLOSED." Readers are encouraged to obtain and read the complete official report by contacting For extensive photos that have been taken randomly at all times of the year and are proof that the overall condition of the Pearce herd is healthy, go to

Furthermore in an August 9th interview with Washington County Sheriff Matt Thomas he indicated that the "Pearce horses were examined by Doctor Leibsle and found to be in good health. There are no charges filed and as far as I am concerned the case is closed." And Captain Undersheriff Toby Hauntz of the Payette County Sheriff's Office has stated "There are no charges against Shannon... and the case is closed."

In an effort to obtain an official copy and help clear his name, Pearce called Doctor Leibsle immediately following the above inspection of his horses and requested a copy. When that report was delayed almost three weeks, Pearce made two additional requests. In the last conversation, Leibsle stated that "Chief Mark Clark wanted to see the report for his approval... before it was released." So here we have Clark that in his own words admits to "knowing nothing about horses," but wants to give his "approval" or edit the State of Idaho veterinarian's "expert status" report. While this sounds almost unbelievable, when asked in person (twice) if the above statement by Leibsle were true, Clark admitted that he had made that request. By his own admission he is attempting to tamper with evidence and expert witness testimony. There is no evidence that Leibsle skewed his report to promote Clark's agenda against Pearce.

Clark has made several statements to the media that illustrates his warped sense of justice and exposes his unprincipled anti Constitutional nature. For example during an interview it was explained that according to Constitutional based Judge Andrew Napolitano that in order for there to be a crime, there must be a victim. The question was then posed; In the Pearce case, who was the victim? Clark responded "The Horses." The interviewer then asked "So you are stating that animals have rights? Clark's response was "Yes." The interviewer then inquired about the fish that Clark catches with a hook and drags out of the water to die on shore. "Do they have rights? What about cattle that are going to slaughter? What about the deer and elk that we all enjoy hunting?" Clark responded "That is different." The interviewer then asked "How is it different? I don't know of any cow, fish or animal that volunteer's to be eaten. What animals do or don't have rights?" Realizing the obvious and hypocritical error in his statement, Clark then stated that "The people of Payette were the victims." The interviewer then asked "Did they lose $33,000.00 as did Shannon?" Clark responded "Well, no, but they had to see the photos." Did you have a role in helping to broadcast those photos in an effort to turn public opinion against Shannon? Clark refused to respond.

When asked if he was familiar with reports of multiple livestock water troughs being damaged and vandalized in eastern Oregon (including Umatilla County) that resulted in the death of cattle, Clark indicated that he was not. Those events occurred during a similar time frame as the Pearce event and were widely published, however, Clark was not only oblivious to these similar crimes, but made it clear that there would be no attempt on his part to see if there was a connection in the cases. When asked if it were up to him, would he criminally charge the owners of those cattle for Cruelty to Animals? Clark responded with a resounding "Yes. It is horrible." By contrast the Umatilla Sheriff's Department recognizes that the ranchers are the victims and have suffered financial losses. They are actively searching for the individuals that trespassed and committed multiple crimes (including felonies).

According to an article in The Idaho Statesman, Clark stated "I am not really sure what he (Pearce) does with these horses." Clearly he is ignorant (meaning uninformed), as Pearce has an extensive breeding program to raise and sell high quality working ranch horses for his income, which he has been doing for more than 40-years. As anyone that knows Pearce well will testify, no one loves horses more than Shannon and explains why his breeding program is so sought after by knowledgeable horseman. And now Clark wants to literally destroy his livelihood and take away his rights, which are granted by God, and not by government or majority. In the Argus Observer Clark is quoted as saying that if the case goes to trial, the outcome would entail "Pearce is ordered to not have any more horses." Clark was asked "Where do you get the authority to take away another person's God given rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States that you are sworn to uphold? He refused to respond to this question and many others in regards to the Constitution, which he seems completely unfamiliar with.

Regardless if it is intentional or just ignorance, by illegally trampling Pearce's Constitutional rights, Clark is upholding the Environmentalists goals (which is a religion) to destroy America. While this may sound radical, please bear with me for just a moment. Maurice Strong (1929-2015) served as Secretary-General of the United Nations and is the founder of the bone chilling UN Agenda 21 that openly seeks to stop the grazing of livestock including cattle, sheep, goats and horses, abolish private property rights, stop virtually all forms of agriculture, control all pastures, rangelands, timber, water ways, eliminate gun ownership, abolish hunting, hugely reduce the world's population, control birthrate and in general take away all the rights of man as granted by God. Furthermore they will allow animals to have rights above people. Strong has openly stated that his goal is to "use the United Nations to cause the collapse of America." Furthermore in referencing Generation Investment Management LLP, Strong states that "This group of world leaders forms a secret society to bring about an economic collapse."

There are many additional mechanisms in place to support and move Strong's UN Agenda 21 forward. For example he served as a senior board member of the Humane Society (aka HSUS), was a member of the satanic cult the Church of Satan and served within hundreds of politically motivated environmental organizations. While these organizations have extensive goals that support Agenda 21, most operate under a disguise of doing something good, such as the HSUS with the front of being humane to animals. Of course we all love animals, especially pets, horses etc. and never want to see them abused. However, HSUS's real agenda is to destroy all human rights, as outlined in Agenda 21, support the Communist Manifesto, and abolish the God given US Constitution. Let's remember that God created animals for the benefit and use of man and to sustain human life. Again, they do not have rights.

In addition to Clark indicating that animals have rights, a position that cannot be supported by the Constitution, according to an Argus Observer article he "cited Idaho's laws regarding animal neglect as "weak," and needing "to be revised." Clark continues "Unfortunately in Idaho, they do not have very good animal abuse laws." It is clear that Clark is supporting communism and Agenda 21, and not the Constitution. Perhaps he should learn that James Madison, the father of the Constitution, defined "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny." Regardless, there is no excuse for ignorance of Constitutional laws, especially when you are an officer sworn to uphold it.

With Agenda 21 just beginning to bear down hard on land owners and food producers in the form of government control that includes illegal intervention, taxes, denial of grazing rights, trespass of private property etc., it is literally dangerous to be in livestock production today, as we are "targeted to be destroyed" by Environmentalists and the UN Agenda 21. With all humans needing food to sustain life, we must wake up and expose communism that has infiltrated government at literally every level. I plead with readers to put pressure on all lawmakers to get us out of the UN, but I digress.

During a private investigation of the events surrounding the horse deaths, many additional troubling facts have surfaced regarding corruption of Payette City Police. For example property owners observed as police trespassed multiple times on their private property without any due process or 4th Amendment warrant then went onto Pearce's leased property to examine horses. That owner warned Pearce "Don't trust Clark, he will lie, alter evidence and even plant evidence to get a conviction." Those comments were based on personal experience of past events and can be proven. A formal request for the police report has been made, but now more than 30-days have passed and Clark is still refusing to release it, which is illegal. In a KTVB Channel 7 article, Clark states "It was determined that the horses died from lack of water." However, when asked "Who compiled the necropsy report? Clark responded "The what?" In addition to not even knowing what a necropsy is, Clark admitted there was no necropsy performed (after it was explained to him what it was), which confirms sloppy police work and misleading statements to unjustly further his agenda against Pearce. When Pearce voluntarily met with Clark on July 19th, he bullied and intimidated him by stating that "Since you came in, I won't arrest you" then proceeded to question him before issuing the citations.

According to the charges filed using Idaho Code 25-3502.5.E, they are misdemeanors and unless Pearce was actively injuring an animal, could not have been arrested. Clark has also stated multiple times that he is "receiving considerable public pressure" and that he will not "stand by Pearce." Clearly he is responding to public pressure and the dangerous dialectic process, rather than protecting individual rights. Rather than completing a thorough investigation during the very time that the above events were taking place, Clark and his deputies were busy making lip sync videos with music from Justin Timberlake and in his words having "fun." We can only wonder how this activity can possibly be a part of his oath to uphold the Constitution, fight crime or protect individual rights; rather it is being construed by many tax payers as misappropriation of funds. A close relative of Pearce is a key witness in the wrongful death lawsuit involving Payette County Deputy Scott Sloan, who killed New Plymouth resident Barry Johnson in a high speed crash. A county government employee indicated that the charges against Shannon Pearce are "an act of retaliation."

Clark's public comments have been designed to stir anger towards Pearce. As a result he and other family members that are not even connected to this case have received death threats, been intimidated, slandered, damaged financially etc.

Pearce has pled not guilty to four counts of cruelty to animals, with a pre trial hearing set for September 18, 2018. Many additional facts are known by Pearce, but are not known by police, including how the water was removed from the water tank, the cause of death etc. Pearce is looking forward to clearing his name and establishing the truth.

Thomas Jefferson is often credited with the statement "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty..." Chief Clark will know who compiled this document. I am terrified of his false justice, anti Constitutional positions and the power given to him by Payette City Mayor Jeffrey Williams and City Counsel, rather than "We the People." With this ungoverned power he can (and has) done extensive damage to others without any personal consequence or accountability. Severe personal retaliation is expected. Please help by contacting various political representatives and Payette City Mayor demanding immediate suspension for Chief Clark, and to protect his victims that a no contact order is issued, followed with a complete investigation of his corruption and illegal activities in this and other cases. And that he be held personally responsible for his actions and criminally charged for his crimes. Furthermore this is a call to all law makers to reestablish laws that protect private property rights, restore due process and hold individuals responsible criminally and financially when they trample the rights of others. Otherwise this once great nation that was founded by men of God and under His guidance to establish the Constitution of the United States will fail. Thomas Jefferson stated "Once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil."

Thank you for taking the time to read our side of the story and for any help that you may offer.

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